About Us

Our Perspective:

Fashion is the defining characteristic that makes clothing more than clothing. Clothing can be a form of self-expression. Styling and fashion gives you an opportunity to signal to others who you are. 

We strive to maintain that underlying agreement between ourselves and you, to provide that spark, that expression, that quality of life that lets you stand out, connect with others, and have the confidence to gain what you want out of life. Clothing is not about clothing, it never has been. Clothing is a statement, a proclamation, a sonnet, and we pride ourselves on being the poet chosen by so many. 


Our Mission: 

We strive to create products that allow people to find community in self-expression. Our brand relies on creating products that stand out, that show you are unique, you are original, you are a free-thinker, you are you. 

We work to provide you with products that are unique, elegant, and comfortable. 



We are actively researching methods that will make our products Carbon-negative, where each material we use will be derived from captured carbon. As our research progresses, you will see more and more of these unique materials surface in our designs. 

Our products will rely less and less on outside manufacturing through the years, we will transition towards using local manufacturers to lower our carbon footprint from shipping emissions. We will begin using in-house manufactured materials.

Looking Forward: 

You will see our products deviate more and more from the norm, becoming more and more individualistic as we develop our in-house manufacturing.